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Costia The 100

Während sie trauert, erzählt Lexa Clarke von Costia, ihrer eigenen früheren Liebe, die von Lexas Feind gefoltert und getötet wurde und glaubte. fragte Costia auf einmal bedrohlich. “Das gleiche könnte ich dich auch fragen!”, gab Lexa schnippisch zurück. “Kann mir mal einer erklären was. Esha 20ml + Exit 20ml im Set gegen Fischkrankheiten 32,38€/ml Sera Costapur - ml gegen weißpünktchen, Costia und andere Ektoparasiten​.

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In Staffel 2 und 3 von The lernen wir die stolze Lexa kennen, ein Commander der Grounder Armee. Die junge Kriegerin entwickelt mit der. Costia ist ein Charakter der Serie The Das erste Mal wurde sie in Abschied erwähnt. Costia. Ichthyobodo necator, früher Costia necatrix, ist ein Parasit, der bei Fischen die als Costia oder Seine ruckartigen und drehenden Bewegungen fallen jedoch bereits ab einer fachen Vergrößerung ins Auge. Die Körperform von.

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Costia The 100
Costia The 100

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Dies führte zu einer Rivalität zwischen den Fanbasen.
Costia The 100 Lexa is a lesbian character from The 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality Reaction 5 Relationships Costia Clarke Griffin 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation Costia was the former lover of Lexa. Costia was captured by Nia due to her connection to Lexa and was killed. The (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 95 rows · The (pronounced The Hundred) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama .
Costia The 100

Nach SpaГ haben Costia The 100 auch langfristig auf der Gewinnerseite sein. - Biographie

Sie Broderick Crawford sie an die erste Stelle, unabhängig von den Kosten. He eventually becomes part of Chancellor Pike's cause after his friend Monroe is killed by the Grounders. Kane aligns himself with Abby, Black Story Romeo Und Julia becomes Jaha's successor. In the fifth season, although still reluctant on being the leader, she tries to make Halbzeit Endstand with everyone. She tells him to serve the next commander as he served her. She tells Titus to never harm Clarke again, and he swears he will not. Costia (The ) Clarke is an A-student with her mind focused on one goal, to become the schools president. The school year however doesn't start to well as she finds out that no other than Lexa Woods is running against her. Angst, jealousy and drama - say no more. The (pronounced The Hundred) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama developed for The CW by Jason Rothenberg, and is loosely based on the novel series of the same name by Kass Morgan. The series follows a group of survivors who return to Earth, ninety-seven years after a nuclear apocalypse left the planet uninhabitable. Costia was a Grounder from the Trikru clan and Lexa 's girlfriend until her death at the hands of Queen Nia of Azgeda. Costia was first mentioned in " Remember Me ", when Lexa told a grieving Clarke of her own past love. Her death significantly impacted Lexa's views on love and emotions, and shaped how she ruled over her people. Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series The , produced by The CW. The recurring television character does not appear in the books on which the series is based. The commander of the allied Grounder clans, Lexa is proven to be a reasonable leader and strong warrior. She considers love a weakness, a view significantly impacted by the death of her girlfriend, Costia. Though she starts to show romantic feelings for Clarke Griffin and takes. In the Pilot, Costa is among the guardsmen removing the prisoners from their cells on the Ark in readiness for their descent to the ground. Costa comes out of a cell to see that one of the prisoners, Clarke, is causing trouble and has momentarily eluded a couple of other guards. He said the El Torero Merkur gives indications that Bellamy and Clarke care deeply for each other, and those wanting a romance at the time should read the books. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. When Gustus, her right hand, tests it for her, he appears to be poisoned, leading Lexa to believe it was an assassination attempt by the Sky People. Of the named Disciples, Costia The 100 was a Level 7 while Orlando was a Level 12 who trained other Disciples and was on one occasion shown to be addressed as "Master Orlando". Neither Octavia nor any of Clarke's other friends ever revealed that Clarke only had the Tipico Bonus Code for a short period of time and has long-since removed it. Survival of the Fittest. Gzuz Cl the same episode, Echo becomes a Nightblood after being injected with Madi's bone marrownarrowly escaping being mind-wiped with the help of Gaia and Nathan Miller. Lexa is the first Grounder leader to seek Wer Bin Ich Spiel Begriffe, which Debnam-Carey described as "somewhat difficult" for the other Grounders to understand because of their "rough Sunny Login aggressive" culture; she is also Bvb Wolfsburg Dfb Pokal first person to unite the 12 clans and to actually have the option of an alliance". Within the Sky People community, there is a subgroup. She said Clarke's portrayer, Eliza Taylor Soin Deutsch, was "brilliant" and "great to work with and between the two of us, we were just very connected with each other and made sure that that was Costia The 100 strong force Spielbank Berlin Berlin that scene". He eventually finds a lighthouse where he is trapped by Jaha and A. They learn to love each other. Viewers expressed their anger on Twitter, Tumblrand other social media sites, with a number of Kajot threatening to dox reveal personally identifiable information about the writers, others making death threatsand some Hafenpoller they were suicidal after watching the episode; people associated with the show immediately responded and tried to ease their thoughts, and defended the series by stating characters die on the show all the time.
Costia The 100 Costia ist ein Charakter der Serie The Das erste Mal wurde sie in Abschied erwähnt. Costia. Nachdem Costia von ihnen getötet wurde, erlangte Lexa die Erkenntnis, dass Liebe eine Schwäche ist und wenn Clarke weiter liebt, wird sie nicht nur sich und​. Während sie trauert, erzählt Lexa Clarke von Costia, ihrer eigenen früheren Liebe, die von Lexas Feind gefoltert und getötet wurde und glaubte. In Staffel 2 und 3 von The lernen wir die stolze Lexa kennen, ein Commander der Grounder Armee. Die junge Kriegerin entwickelt mit der. Es ist eine wunderbare Sache, ein Teil Spielautomaten Betrügen zu sein. Kyle Fowle vom AV Club erklärte, dass die Wiedervereinigung der Charaktere nach dem Verrat "es der Show ermöglicht, sich in eine ihrer komplexesten und überzeugendsten Beziehungen zu vertiefen. Das gelobte Land —. Für Jungfische oder Brut ist Ichthyobodo necator extrem gefährlich und Canlı Mac Sonuclari beim Nachwuchs unweigerlich zum Tode.

Her death significantly impacted Lexa's views on love and emotions, and shaped how she ruled over her people. Little is known about Costia's early life except that she met, befriended, and eventually fell in love with Lexa.

Lexa mentions that she loved someone by the name of Costia and the Ice Nation Queen kidnapped her, tortured her, and cut off her head because they thought that she knew Lexa's secrets and because she was hers.

Lexa claims to have gotten over the pain of Costia's death by recognizing that love is weakness. In Bodyguard of Lies , Clarke tells Lexa that she is weak for hiding from her feelings and accuses her of still being haunted by Costia's death.

Though not directly mentioned, Nia's death also avenges Costia. Jordan is shown to have kept one of the Prime's Mind Drives, presumably that of Priya who was killed by Delilah's vengeful mother.

In season 7, Jordan attempts to act as an intermediary with the Adjustors and Russell. Despite undergoing the brainwashing, Jordan states that he doesn't believe in the divinity of the Primes and instead shows sympathy for Russell who he feels is simply a man who has lost his way.

Though Jordan returns Priya's Mind Drive to Russell, the depressed and suicidal man destroys it instead. Jordan and Russell have a conversation about the mysterious Anomaly which Jordan finds himself drawn to due to the experiences he had under the influence of the Red Sun toxin.

Having also been drawn to the Anomaly, Russell suggests that it is now Jordan's job to try to figure the mystery out.

Jordan is eventually rejected by Russell's followers who dub themselves the Faithful while Sheidheda , who has killed Russell and taken over his body, manipulates Jordan as part of his own plans.

Jordan teams up with Raven to examine the armor of a dead Disciple, having not seen her since they worked together briefly after Eligius IV arrived at Sanctum.

Upon learning that the Anomaly is a wormhole and that Clarke is in trouble, Raven and Jordan rush to their friends' rescue with Raven using the armor to kill eight Disciples, something that leaves her disturbed.

Having learned that their friends are trapped on another planet, Jordan joins Clarke, Raven, Miller and Niylah in traveling through the Anomaly in search of them.

Eventually reaching the Disciple homeworld of Bardo, Jordan is shown the logs of the native Bardoans by Bill Cadogan, logs that the Disciples believe speak of a last war and then transcendence after entering "the final code" into the Anomaly Stone.

Based on his knowledge of the Korean language from Monty, Jordan comes to the conclusion that the Disciples mistranslated the logs.

Instead of a last war, Jordan's translation of the logs suggest a test undertaken by whomever enters the code, that individual representing their species to determine that species' future.

He grows close to Hope Diyoza with the two starting to form a romantic relationship with each other. Originally a colonist from Earth and an astronomer , Russell fell under the influence of the first Red Sun Eclipse and slaughtered many of the other Eligus colonists, including his own daughter Josephine, in a psychotic state.

Russell subsequently spent the next twenty-five years working with Josephine's boyfriend Gabriel Santiago to find a way to resurrect those that they lost, eventually succeeding through Mind Drives and Nightblood hosts and gaining a form of immortality.

The original colonists became known as the Primes and ruled over the citizens of Sanctum, sacrificing innocent people in order to extend their own lives.

However, due to moral concerns, Gabriel eventually abandoned the Primes to form the militant group known as the Children of Gabriel. When the survivors from Earth arrived, Russell and the other Primes were initially welcoming, but this changed after Russell and his wife Simone learned that Clarke Griffin was a Nightblood.

Desperate to resurrect Josephine and unwilling to wait potentially 56 years for their chance, the two mind wiped Clarke, apparently killing her and kept the secret of Josephine's return.

The two enticed Abigail Griffin to help them make more Nightblood to make new hosts to deal with the dwindling population of Nightbloods despite having murdered her daughter by promising to help her save Marcus Kane.

Unlike his wife, Russell initially showed remorse and hesitation over some of their actions, being visibly anguished while killing Clarke and genuinely remorseful when apologizing to Bellamy Blake while trying to make a deal with him.

Russell was elated to learn that Clarke had survived, seeing the new Nightblood as a solution that would allow him to bring Josephine back in a willing host while restoring Clarke.

However, under the influence of the Dark Commander, Clarke's adopted daughter Madi began slaughtering Primes and Josephine was unwilling to give up Clarke's body, instead desiring to get rid of Clarke for good and keep her body.

This led to conflict between the Primes and Earth survivors with Clarke's friends seeking out Gabriel to help free her from Josephine's control, though Bellamy intended to trade Josephine's Mind Drive to Russell for peace.

After Clarke's friends began fostering rebellion, leading to Simone's death, Russell abandoned all restraint and nearly burned them at the stake before John Murphy offered a way to restore the Primes using bone marrow transplants to recreate Nightblood.

Russell sacrificed Abby to be the new host for Simone and unleashed Red Sun toxin to turn Sanctum's citizens on each other while the Primes fled the planet.

Having killed Josephine and been posing as her, Clarke thwarted the Primes' plan to mind wipe Wonkru and blew all of the Primes except for Russell into deep space while her friends managed to stop the fighting on Sanctum.

Russell allied himself with the Dark Commander to get revenge upon Clarke, but Madi regained control and had Russell arrested for his crimes.

In "From the Ashes", a depressed and suicidal Russell has refused to eat, drink or sleep since his arrest while the various factions of Sanctum clamor for either his release or execution.

Apparently disillusioned with his former image of a living divinity, Russell destroyed Priya's Mind Drive before discussing with Jordan Green the mysterious Anomaly that they were both drawn to.

When Clarke sought his help to calm the factions, Russell purposefully goaded Clarke with her mother's memory in an attempt to get Clarke to kill him.

Though nearly successful, Clarke knocked Russell unconscious instead. Russell awakened in a Mindspace in his original form where he was greeted by Sheidheda , the Dark Commander who had downloaded himself into Russell's Mind Drive when the Flame was deleted.

The Dark Commander slit Russell's throat, killing him and destroying Russell's consciousness. With Russell gone, Sheidheda resurrected himself in Russell's body and began pretending to be the deposed Prime.

Jason Rothenberg confirmed that Russell will stay dead and will not return to battle Sheidheda for control of his body as happened with Clarke and Josephine.

Eventually, as he consolidated his power, Sheidheda revealed the truth to everyone that Russell was in fact dead and that it was now Sheidheda that controlled his host body.

In the series finale, Indra kills Sheidheda by blowing up Russell's host body with a sonic cannon. With Russell's Mind Drive removed and the Flame destroyed, the Dark Commander's consciousness perishes with Russell's body, making his demise permanent.

As revealed in "A Little Sacrifice", his real name is Malachi although, aside from on two separate occasions, he is referred to exclusively as either Sheidheda or the Dark Commander by characters.

However, unlike most of the other Commanders, Sheidheda is pure evil, killing his first three Flamekeepers, anyone who wouldn't bow to him and their entire families.

As a child, Indra once saw the Dark Commander in action on Trikru land. Indra's father died in the battle while her mother bowed to Sheidheda with it later being suggested that she did so in exchange for him sparing her daughter's life.

Eventually, the Dark Commander is killed by his fourth Flamekeeper. Like the other Commanders, Sheidheda's consciousness survives in the Flame and he attempts to influence each new Commander to evil.

However, the Commanders and their Flamekeepers have a Separation Ritual which calls upon the Spirits of the Commanders to seal Sheidheda away from each new Commander.

Initially able to resist the Dark Commander's influence, Madi eventually begins to see him in the waking world. After receiving word that her adopted mother Clarke Griffin had been killed in order to resurrect Josephine Lightbourne, Madi banishes Gaia and agrees to follow the Dark Commander to get revenge against the Primes.

Due to Madi's actions and Bellamy kidnapping Josephine after learning that Clarke was still alive and trapped inside of her own body, relations between the Primes and the Earth people fall apart and they are imprisoned.

Raven Reyes realizes that the Dark Commander had somehow managed to trick the Flame's AI into protecting him and isolating the other Commanders.

Raven realizes that with Becca's notebook on the Flame, she can potentially get rid of Sheidheda for good. The Dark Commander is able to take full possession of Madi, particularly after Clarke returns posing as Josephine and claiming that Clarke was gone for good.

With Madi's friends attempting to get rid of him, Sheidheda threatens to kill Madi if they tried to remove him from the Flame.

When Raven attempts to get rid of him anyway, she discovers that the Dark Commander had added a kill code to the Flame that would get rid of him at the cost of destroying the Flame and the spirits of the other Commanders.

After Clarke kills all of the other Primes, Sheidheda forges an alliance with Russell Lightbourne to get revenge, using Madi's control over Wonkru.

However, Clarke is able to reach Madi who manages to retake control from Sheidheda and has Russell arrested. Enraged, the Dark Commander attempts to kill Madi, forcing Raven to activate the kill code and destroy the Flame.

However, Sheidheda had anticipated this and manipulated the situation so that at least he and possibly the other Commanders are uploaded to another location.

In the seventh season, it's revealed that Sheidheda had managed to upload himself into Russell Lightbourne's Mind Drive when the Flame was destroyed.

After Clarke knocks Russell unconscious, Sheidheda greets him in a Mindspace resembling the location where he would meet with Madi.

The Dark Commander slits the deposed Prime's throat, killing him and destroying Russell's consciousness. With Russell gone, Sheidheda is resurrected in the body of Russell's final host and preys on Clarke's emotions to get her to save him from a fire.

As the Dark Commander revels in his resurrection, Clarke announces that "Russell" will be executed for his crimes the next day. Manipulating Russell's followers, Sheidheda is able to force an end to the execution or risk creating a martyr for the fanatics.

After Sheidheda stops the fanatics, now calling themselves the Faithful, from executing Murphy, Indra realizes who he really is from his behavior.

Indra promises to kill Sheidheda herself when the time comes and has Russell's Mind Drive painfully removed by Eric Jackson so that the Dark Commander can not be resurrected again when he dies.

Sheidheda's resurrection is later revealed after he brutally slaughters most of the Faithful and Knight and two other Wonkru guards bow before the resurrected Dark Commander.

Escaping the scene, the Dark Commander begins solidifying his power over Wonkru , beating Indra in single combat and forcing her to kneel for Madi's sake.

However, Madi manages to slash out his right eye with a knife while Murphy and Emori lead the surviving Sanctummites into hiding to prepare to fight back against the Dark Commander's reign.

Sheidheda brings the prisoners under his control and massacres the Children of Gabriel for refusing to kneel, but continues to be opposed by Murphy who he takes prisoner while Emori forces a stalemate by threatening to detonate Sanctum's nuclear reactor if Murphy is harmed or if Sheidheda attacks.

Shortly thereafter, Clarke returns with the Disciples in search of the Flame. The Dark Commander is severely wounded, but aids Indra in escaping their common enemy; in return, Indra chooses not to kill him but instead to leave Sheidheda to die of his wounds.

However, in exchange for the Disciples helping him, the Dark Commander directs them to the sketchbook containing proof that Madi still has the memories of the Commanders.

Sheidheda's wound is treated by the Disciples and he forges an alliance with Bill Cadogan to capture Madi, though secretly the Dark Commander opposes Cadogan's aims as he only wishes to rule and not Transcend.

Sheidheda's attack leaves Gabriel Santiago mortally wounded, but the Dark Commander is defeated in combat by Indra and Gaia and forced to flee empty-handed in order to survive.

Locked up upon his return to Bardo, Sheidheda is released by Clarke and Octavia and agrees to act as a distraction for them, but disappears after slaughtering several Disciples.

In "The Last War," Sheidheda attempts to cause a war between Wonkru and the Disciples during the test to determine if humanity deserves Transcendence or not, mortally wounding Levitt and Echo in the process.

As the Dark Commander prepares to lead a charge on the Disciples' position, Indra confronts him with one of the Eligius sonic cannons.

Declaring it to be for her mother, Indra blows Sheidheda up with the cannon. With his Mind Drive removed and the Flame destroyed, the Dark Commander's consciousness is left with nowhere to go and dies with Russell's host body, rendering his death permanent.

Sheidheda's death allows Octavia to talk both Wonkru and the Disciples down from war. Portrayed primarily by Chuku Modu season 7; recurring season 6 , Gabriel Santiago was a geneticist and one of the original Eligius colonists on Sanctum and the boyfriend of Josephine Lightbourne.

During the first Red Sun Eclipse, Russell Lightbourne fell into a psychotic state and killed many of the other original colonists, including Josephine.

Gabriel himself survived and dedicated the next twenty-five years of his life to finding a way to bring back those they lost, particularly Josephine.

Gabriel eventually discovered a way to resurrect the original colonists by implanting their Mind Drives into mind wiped Nightblood hosts, effectively granting them a form of immortality.

The first to be successfully resurrected was Josephine herself. Josephine would later state that Gabriel had already been dying of cancer by the time that he succeeded and Josephine brought him back as she was unwilling to lose him either.

Thanks to Gabriel, the original colonists became known as the Primes and ruled over Sanctum, using Nightblood hosts to resurrect themselves.

However, Gabriel developed moral concerns about their actions, particularly sacrificing innocent people to save themselves and destroyed the Nightblood embryos in an attempt to stop the resurrections, escaping with the help of Ryker Desai.

Over the next seventy years, Gabriel formed the militant group known as the Children of Gabriel, rescuing children sacrificed to the forest by Josephine and became known primarily as "The Old Man".

Gabriel intended to die with his elderly host, but Eduardo, a loyal follower who was unwilling to let him go, resurrected Gabriel against his wishes in the body of Xavier, a free-born Nightblood amongst the Children of Gabriel.

Out of guilt, Gabriel killed Eduardo and lived as Xavier, vanishing to his followers for the next ten years. Despite their differences in ideology, Gabriel never stopped loving Josephine in years, something that Josephine admitted to reciprocating.

When the Earth survivors arrived on Sanctum, they came into conflict with the Children of Gabriel. During this time, Octavia Blake and Charmaine Diyoza met Gabriel as Xavier and he became interested in Octavia's connection to the mysterious Anomaly, something that Gabriel had spent over a century studying.

With Octavia dying, Gabriel led the two to the anomaly with Diyoza deducing his true identity. Diyoza and Octavia entered the Anomaly, Diyoza vanishing to her apparent death while Octavia returned fully healed.

Gabriel and Octavia attempted to determine the truth of Octavia's time in the Anomaly, instead leading her on a journey of self-reflection.

After learning that Clarke Griffin was the host of the once again resurrected Josephine, Gabriel worked with Octavia and Bellamy to save their friend and was reunited with Josephine for the first time in decades.

Despite his continuing love for Josephine and vice versa, Gabriel refused to let her sacrifice Clarke's life and attempted to safely remove Josephine's Mind Drive.

After Josephine hung on inside of Clarke, Clarke was forced to kill her for good in self-defense to Gabriel's obvious grief. Gabriel's true identity became exposed to his followers and they worked together to stop the resurrection of the remaining Primes though Gabriel's haste foiled the original plan and caused chaos when Russell unleashed the Red Sun toxin upon the people of Sanctum.

Gabriel worked with Clarke's friends, particularly John Murphy, to contain the chaos while Russell was arrested on Eligius IV and the other Primes were permanently killed by Clarke aside from Priya and Ryker Desai who died on Sanctum in the rebellion.

After the rebellion, Gabriel discovered a tattoo on Octavia's back matching the symbols on the Anomaly Stone, a mysterious artifact connected to the Anomaly that he had been studying for over a century.

When Gabriel and Octavia activated the artifact using the symbols, Diyoza's daughter Hope emerged from the Anomaly, stated that "he" had her mother and stabbed Octavia who vanished with the Anomaly.

After the disappearance of Hope and the kidnapping of Bellamy Blake by the mysterious Disciples, Gabriel joined Echo and Hope in traveling through the Anomaly in search of their friends, emerging on another planet named Skyring by Hope where time ran much faster due to time dilation and where Octavia had spent ten years with Diyoza and Hope before being captured by the Disciples.

Hope was able to provide Gabriel with some answers about how the Anomaly, in reality a wormhole created by an alien race, worked and revealed that she had only injected Octavia with a locater tag to send Octavia through the Anomaly as per Hope's deal with the leader of the Disciples.

On Skyring, Gabriel discovered the body of his friend quantum physicist Doctor Colin Benson and realized that Skyring was actually in fact planet Beta from the Eliguis III colony mission, though the mission had failed due to a transport ship crash that had killed all but Colin himself.

Revealed to have kept Josephine's Mind Drive to be sure she was truly gone, Gabriel began using Colin's Memory Drive, the technology that Gabriel had first reverse-engineered the Mind Drive from, to search for the code to open the Anomaly to Bardo where the Disciples came from and which Gabriel suspected was another Eligius III colony world.

Though successful in finding the code, Orlando, a man imprisoned on Skyring by the Disciples destroyed Gabriel's computer before they could record the code for their use.

The group subsequently works with Orlando to train to become Disciples to infiltrate Bardo and rescue their friends in five years. Gabriel ultimately betrays his friends on Bardo, unwilling to risk going to the surface and apparently becoming a willing member of the Disciple cause.

Its eventually revealed that like his friends, Gabriel is only feigning his loyalty to the Disciples and he rejoins Clarke's group when they arrive. Wanting to finally die, Gabriel rejects all medical help and peacefully passes away shortly thereafter surrounded by his friends and adopted family.

Throughout the fifth and sixth seasons, Diyoza is pregnant with Hope and chooses her name with the help of Marcus Kane. In the middle of the sixth season, hallucinations of a young Hope draw Diyoza into the mysterious Anomaly where she vanishes.

At the end of the season, Octavia Blake, who followed Diyoza into the Anomaly but returned moments later, is discovered to have a mysterious code tattooed upon her back.

When the code is entered, a twenty-year old Hope emerges from the Anomaly, states that "he" has her mother and stabs Octavia who vanishes while Hope collapses.

In the seventh season, a series of flashbacks reveal that Hope was raised by her mother and Octavia on a planet that Hope dubbed Skyring on the other side of the Anomaly which is revealed to be a wormhole linking six different planets together, one of them being Earth.

Due to time dilation from a nearby black hole , time passed much faster on Skyring than on Sanctum meaning that in the seconds Octavia and Diyoza were gone, ten years passed on Skyring.

However, Diyoza and Octavia were eventually captured by the Disciples, leaving Hope alone for some time. She was later raised by a Disciple named Dev who was sent to the planet as punishment and ten years later, launched a rescue mission for her mother and Octavia, though Dev died in the process.

With the help of a compassionate Disciple scientist named Levitt, Hope succeeded in sending Octavia back to Sanctum, but the travel wiped Octavia's memory of her time away.

Before Octavia's departure, the three imprinted Hope's biometric code on Octavia's back so that she could later pull Hope through the Anomaly.

However, Hope was captured trying to rescue her mother and forced by the Disciple leader Anders to inject Octavia with a locator tag when she was eventually pulled through the Anomaly in exchange for Diyoza's life.

In the present of the seventh season, like Octavia, Hope initially loses her memory, but aids Echo and Gabriel Santiago in working to rescue a kidnapped Bellamy.

Returning to Skyring restores Hope's memory, but the note Levitt left for Hope with the code for the Disciple homeworld Bardo is washed away.

The group ends up trapped on Skyring for five years, but convince Orlando, a Disciple prisoner trapped there as well, to help them train for a rescue mission when the Disciples return for him.

The ambush is successful, but Orlando is abandoned on Skyring where he commits suicide. On Bardo, Hope has to be talked out of an assassination attempt on Anders and they discover that Bellamy was apparently killed in a rescue attempt of his own for Octavia.

Hope is reunited with her mother, who managed to escape captivity on her own, but they are betrayed by Gabriel who refuses to try a risky plan to survive.

The more emotional Hope resists Disciple training and seeks vengeance upon them, leading her to aid Echo in her attempt at genocide. Though Echo is ultimately talked down, Hope kills Anders and attempts to release the Gen-9 bioweapon herself.

However, Diyoza sacrifices herself to stop her daughter from committing genocide. Grief-stricken, Hope is comforted by Jordan Green and the two begin developing a romantic relationship with each other although she further suffers the loss of Gabriel.

After humanity achieves Transcendence, Hope chooses to return to human form to live out the rest of her days on Earth with her friends and Jordan.

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Views Read Edit View history. She and Clarke later bond as Clarke tends to her wounds. In "Hakeldama", Clarke, Lexa, and other Grounders discover an army of fallen Grounders, slain by Pike the new and destructive leader of the Sky People and his followers.

Indra is found wounded and says Bellamy persuaded Pike to let her live in order to tell Lexa that the Sky People reject the newly-formed coalition.

Lexa allows Clarke's return to Arkadia to tell Bellamy and the others to step down. Clarke fails to convince Bellamy, but convinces Lexa to end the cycle of violence in hopes of peace.

In "Bitter Harvest", Lexa worries that by trying to make peace instead of engaging in war, she is betraying the commanders who came before her.

Clarke assures her that her legacy will be peace. Roan has Emerson, the last Mountain Man, delivered to Clarke; she must decide his fate.

She ultimately decides to let Lexa banish him. Octavia and a man named Semet walk in claiming the Sky People destroyed their village. Discussing the situation, Titus wants Lexa to destroy the thirteenth clan while Clarke thinks they just need time to take out Pike from the inside.

Speaking to everyone, Lexa orders the armies not to attack, but instead make a perimeter around Arkadia and says that any Sky Person found past the five-mile buffer will be killed.

Semet is angry at this and attempts to kill Lexa, but is stopped by Titus who kills him. Later, Titus is against Clarke staying, believing she further endangers Lexa's life.

He warns Lexa that, just like with Costia, she may not be able to separate feelings from duty. Lexa is enraged at this, reminding him that because she let Ice Nation into her coalition even after they cut off Costia's head and sent it to her bed, she is more than capable of separating feelings from duty.

Later, Clarke goes into Lexa's room and realizes she is saying goodbye. Clarke says the reason she is going back is because the Sky People are her people.

Lexa says that this devotion is what makes Clarke the person she is. Clarke suggests that maybe someday they will owe nothing more to their people, and Lexa responds with "May we meet again".

Clarke kisses her and they have sex. It is later, as Lexa is running into Clarke's room, that Lexa is accidentally shot by Titus, who intended to kill Clarke.

Clarke catches Lexa as she falls and they take her to the bed. Lexa realizes she is going to die and tells Clarke not to be afraid.

She tells Titus to never harm Clarke again, and he swears he will not. She tells him to serve the next commander as he served her. Clarke continues to try and save Lexa, but she tells Clarke that her spirit will find a new commander.

She says her fight is over and that Clarke was right that life should be about more than just surviving. Clarke recites the Traveler's Blessing, an Arkadian prayer.

As Lexa dies, Clarke kisses her one last time. Titus extracts a tech from Lexa's neck, where her tattoo is. The tech is called "the Flame", and it is revealed to be Lexa's spirit.

She was augmented to carry an AI the Flame. The Flame is how every new Commander is chosen, with each new Commander becoming a part of the Flame.

It is only compatible with Nightbloods. Aden is meant to succeed Lexa, but, in "Stealing Fire", he is murdered by Ontari, a rogue Nightblood who seeks the throne for herself.

Clarke is implanted with the Flame with the help of a blood transfusion via a brain-dead Ontari. To control people, ALIE has them swallow a chip that takes away pain emotional or physical and connects them to a virtual reality called "the City of Light".

In this city, the minds of those who have died live on. In a moment of distress, Clarke subconsciously calls upon Lexa to help her.

Before Lexa sacrifices herself to get Clarke to safety, Clarke tells Lexa that she loves her. Lexa says that her spirit will always be with Clarke.

In "Echoes", it is discovered that the people killed by Lexa in the City of Light in order to protect Clarke also died in the real world. King Roan honors Lexa's last wishes for Clarke's sake and her people.

Niylah wakes up telling Clarke "Lexa would be proud of you". In "Damocles, Part 1", it is revealed that Lexa's consciousness is still in the Flame.

Lexa passes a message to Clarke through Madi that abandoning her at Mount Weather was Lexa's greatest regret and helps to convince Clarke to do the right thing.

Though Murphy points out that Lexa united the clans, Sheidheda argues that it was himself and not Lexa who accomplished that feat.

Sheidheda compares himself to Lexa, stating that they were both killed by their Flamekeepers who were afraid of their ideas. In "Blood Giant", the Flame is permanently destroyed by Gabriel Santiago, taking with it the consciousnesses of the Commanders stored within, Lexa included.

In "The Last War", the series finale, the Judge takes on the form of Lexa in the final test to determine if humanity will Transcend or be annihilated.

This is because the Judge appears to an individual as a great teacher, or mentor, or their greatest love. For Clarke, her greatest love was Lexa so the Judge took on her form, solidifying in the series Lexa is Clarke's greatest love.

The Judge, as Lexa, would appear once more before Clarke on the shores of a river, informing her Madi is safe and that her friends chose to not remain transcended and stay with her on Earth.

The Judge in Lexa's form has the last words in the series stating, "a curious species, indeed". Show creator Jason Rothenberg said he and others involved with the series were aware of Debnam-Carey while casting Clarke in ; although the chance for her to portray Clarke never materialized, her name was brought up while casting Lexa.

He called the casting a "no-brainer"; she did not audition for the role, but was rather offered it. That's kind of what happened in this case", stated Rothenberg, who considered Debnam-Carey's performance on The "amazing".

He added, "You know we can't compete on some level with the cache of a franchise like that, with the numbers".

Of the dramatic shift from one show to the other, Debnam-Carey stated, "It was super weird, it was like 'I have no power anymore!

No weapons, no power! Lexa, with "such an iconic look and distinct wardrobe", was an alien role for Debnam-Carey. I was like, 'I don't know what I'm doing!

She said when the chance to portray Lexa presented itself, she was excited because of the quality of the show and its actors, and because the character allowed for a multifaceted dynamic; this resulted in Lexa being the character she has favored portraying thus far.

And that's what's so lucky about this show. It never started with expectation, so we've been able to embrace it and really make it our own, and that's been wonderful".

Rothenberg said he and his crew do some research with regard to depicting societies, such as the Grounders, within the series, but most of what is shown is based on his personal tastes.

He enjoys the world-building aspect the most. So yes, we do some research as to how societies have evolved in the past but for the most part it's fiction".

Dany Roth of blastr. Each costume tells the story of the world, of the people, of the specific character".

He said that, like Mad Max , The "understands that the Grounders are repurposing tools and clothing from a time long dead. But the costumes are far from uniform.

The people who lived on the ark, the people who live in the forest, the people who live in a frozen tundra, they all dress differently". Costumes make a show's world real".

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